How Awareness Changes Your Life

Awareness is mindfulness interlaced with insight and understanding. Mindfulness casts you as the observer of the present moment, like watching a movie and trying to absorb everything fully. You’re appreciating the acting, the soundtrack, the colors, the writing, the wardrobes, and the overall sensation. Awareness is like playing a video game. You’re still trying to fully absorb everything like with the movie, but you’re also an active part of how things are playing out. There are things you can change by deciding your inputs during the process. Thus you're observing how your inputs and the inputs of others are affecting reality. You're still very much in, and mindful of, the present moment. The difference is the added layer of connecting the dots between events and actions. By being mindful we've taken in all the data, the actual reality of the present moment and avoided warping that with our minds. So how can we then use our minds to understand it and derive insights without warping it? We practice. We practice mindfulness and we also practice meditation. In those two practices, we start to find insights into how our minds work, and eventually into how the minds of others work. When we started being the observer we realized there were more than just the thoughts we thought we were thinking. There were thoughts we ignored, intentionally and unintentionally. The brain fires off every possible idea and reason it can, it's our job to pick the thought in this multiple choice web that we believe is "right". Now it's time to practice how we select the right answers from the mess in our minds. We should make a habit of verifying whether…


Can Mindfulness Drive You Crazy?

You lose sense of “who” you are, “what” you are, “how” you feel, and what “you” want. You get a feeling like you can’t control yourself, as if there’s suddenly another personality inside your mind dictating all your thoughts and actions. You’re in the middle of two realities and can’t quite get your footing in either. You have an old system of dealing with thoughts and feelings and are learning a new system. But it feels like neither are working because they’re getting jumbled together.


Meditation for Maniacs – A How to Guide

We're all a little maniacal from time to time. Saying things we don't mean while doing things we'll regret later. But it's what we keep inside that really haunts us. It's what's inside that pesters us incessantly, that keeps us feeling tight and wound up. It's what drives our undying desire to find escape in entertainment, social media, alcohol, drugs, and various other distractions and mood altering activities. It's the maniac we have to live with inside our own minds that brings the pain and leaves us feeling empty and hopeless. We all have that maniac, whether we've acknowledged it or not. There is a way to tame that wild beast. Instead of ignoring it, instead of drowning it out and avoiding it, we simply let it tire itself out. We sit and we wait. Let it loose on the inside to rapid-fire random thoughts and invoke emotions like strikes of lightning in the black sky. Don't disagree and argue with the bolts of lightning, don't let the thunder bring you fear. Just experience the erratic nature of the spectacle. Remain, and witness the storm long enough to see it pass by. Then you can see what's left after it calms. Meditation is the vehicle to traverse through these storms. This guide is meant to be a thorough explanation of meditation without being overly complex. Just enough to get you going while not overloading you with too much information. It's not a comprehensive guide on all there is in meditation but it's a starting point. You can read this, start today and continue for years without needing to learn anything else if that's what you desire. Meditation can be a…


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