Time Manipulation: Freedom From The Grasp Of Time

Time seems pretty straightforward. We have clocks that accurately measure time for us. We know that time is universal, that time passes in Italy just like it passes in the United States. We know that time was passing for the astronauts on the Moon the way it passes for us on Earth. Time ages all of us just the same. And we know that time is an observable fact. None of those statements are actually true, but we are so ready to believe them. WE are the creators of time, and we don’t fully understand it. Our most accurate clocks are still not measuring what we call time with 100% accuracy. They sound accurate, as it would take billions of years for them to be off by one second. But the fact that they would ever be off means we don’t know how to measure time, or what we’re measuring isn’t constant, or isn’t real. Time as we measure and understand it is not universal, it’s not even global. Time in two different places like Italy and the States does not pass at the same rate. Time on the moon passes differently than time on Earth, and when you go further from Earth you can find even greater discrepancies. This leads to the fact that it does not age all of us the same. Someone at high altitude on the Earth is aging at a different rate than someone at sea level. The person living at sea level has less time than the one at high altitude. He ages less and even his plants have less time to grow. As for time being an observable fact, let me know when…


How Awareness Changes Your Life

Awareness is mindfulness interlaced with insight and understanding. Mindfulness casts you as the observer of the present moment, like watching a movie and trying to absorb everything fully. You’re appreciating the acting, the soundtrack, the colors, the writing, the wardrobes, and the overall sensation. Awareness is like playing a video game. You’re still trying to fully absorb everything like with the movie, but you’re also an active part of how things are playing out. There are things you can change by deciding your inputs during the process. Thus you're observing how your inputs and the inputs of others are affecting reality. You're still very much in, and mindful of, the present moment. The difference is the added layer of connecting the dots between events and actions. By being mindful we've taken in all the data, the actual reality of the present moment and avoided warping that with our minds. So how can we then use our minds to understand it and derive insights without warping it? We practice. We practice mindfulness and we also practice meditation. In those two practices, we start to find insights into how our minds work, and eventually into how the minds of others work. When we started being the observer we realized there were more than just the thoughts we thought we were thinking. There were thoughts we ignored, intentionally and unintentionally. The brain fires off every possible idea and reason it can, it's our job to pick the thought in this multiple choice web that we believe is "right". Now it's time to practice how we select the right answers from the mess in our minds. We should make a habit of verifying whether…


How You Can Solve 90% of Your Problems

What if I told you that you could solve every problem you've ever had in life? That you could rid yourself of frustrations while feeling powerful at the same time? And that this solution could improve your relationships, especially with the difficult people in your life? But wait, there's more! I'm giving you this magic cure for free! Don't let the price fool you however, this is a valuable life skill that will not only improve your happiness but it can raise your social status as well as your career status. Putting this strategy into practice can completely change your life!


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