What is Arbitrary Flux?

Life is in arbitrary flux. A state of random continuous change. To have the best possible life, you must be equipped to handle any state of change life can lob at you. Arbitrary Flux is a manual for conquering the self and dominating life. We are our own worst enemy. With dominion of the self, we become the boulder in the river of life. We are unshakeable, unbreakable, and unrelenting in shaping the flow of life around us.

Everything I choose to write about will be a way to bring happiness, fulfillment, and purpose to life. Whether it’s a philosophy, a simple idea, or a skill. The aim is to build ourselves into a person that can withstand any and every change life throws at us. To enjoy the experience, regardless of the circumstance.

I want this to be a clean, fast, non-intrusive site. I will not be displaying banner ads anywhere and there will be no irritating pop ups begging for your email. I want this site to be unsoiled by the desire for money. I still want money, I just don’t want to sacrifice my integrity in the pursuit of it. Creating and maintaining a website costs money and a very large amount of time, so I will find monetization methods that avoid these annoying tactics. I’m not going to write my articles with SEO—search engine optimization—as my first or even third priority because I think that ruins writing and pollutes the net with informatively thin, redundant content. This means I could really use your help to share this site with anyone you think would enjoy it. I promise not to use AI to write anything on this site. All articles will be written by me, an actual human. I have and will use AI for images as I’m not an artist and I think this is more interesting than stock photos.

Recent Posts

Wizard time manipulator

Time Manipulation: Freedom From The Grasp Of Time

Time seems pretty straightforward. We have clocks that accurately measure time for us. We know that time is universal, that time passes in Italy just like it passes in the United States. We know that time was passing for the astronauts on the Moon the way it passes for us on Earth. Time ages all of us just the same. And we know that time is an observable fact. None of those statements are actually true, but we are so ready to believe them. WE are the creators of time, and we don’t fully understand it. Our most accurate clocks […]

Awareness creates wider thinking

How Awareness Changes Your Life

Awareness is mindfulness interlaced with insight and understanding. Mindfulness casts you as the observer of the present moment, like watching a movie and trying to absorb everything fully. You’re appreciating the acting, the soundtrack, the colors, the writing, the wardrobes, and the overall sensation. Awareness is like playing a video game. You’re still trying to fully absorb everything like with the movie, but you’re also an active part of how things are playing out. There are things you can change by deciding your inputs during the process. Thus you’re observing how your inputs and the inputs of others are affecting […]

two life forces to create balance

Weapons of Mass Direction: Core Values & Principles To Change Your Life

What do you want? What do you actually want? How hard have you thought about that and what kind of time-frame have you thought about it in? If someone came to you and wanted an answer to this deep question of what you actually want, over the course of your entire time here on Earth, and wanted your answer right away in a five minutes or less blurb, could you answer them?

Angry man surrounded with keys

How You Can Solve 90% of Your Problems

What if I told you that you could solve every problem you’ve ever had in life? That you could rid yourself of frustrations while feeling powerful at the same time? And that this solution could improve your relationships, especially with the difficult people in your life? But wait, there’s more! I’m giving you this magic cure for free! Don’t let the price fool you however, this is a valuable life skill that will not only improve your happiness but it can raise your social status as well as your career status. Putting this strategy into practice can completely change your life!

Person losing his mind while meditating

Can Mindfulness Drive You Crazy?

You lose sense of “who” you are, “what” you are, “how” you feel, and what “you” want. You get a feeling like you can’t control yourself, as if there’s suddenly another personality inside your mind dictating all your thoughts and actions. You’re in the middle of two realities and can’t quite get your footing in either. You have an old system of dealing with thoughts and feelings and are learning a new system. But it feels like neither are working because they’re getting jumbled together.

Meditation for Maniacs – A How to Guide

Meditation for Maniacs – A How to Guide

We’re all a little maniacal from time to time. Saying things we don’t mean while doing things we’ll regret later. But it’s what we keep inside that really haunts us. It’s what’s inside that pesters us incessantly, that keeps us feeling tight and wound up. It’s what drives our undying desire to find escape in entertainment, social media, alcohol, drugs, and various other distractions and mood altering activities. It’s the maniac we have to live with inside our own minds that brings the pain and leaves us feeling empty and hopeless. We all have that maniac, whether we’ve acknowledged it […]